David Gerstein

4 - 16 August 

Israeli contemporary artist David Gerstein will exhibit his well-known, three-dimensional wall sculptures in our gallery in Mykonos. Gerstein witnesses daily activities and mundane objects and transforms them into vibrant works of Happy Pop Art. In addition to the many private collections and galleries that house his creations, David’s work can be seen in prominent public installations and museums throughout the world. 

Constantinos Valaes

July - August


Maria Filopoulou

11 - 24 August

Patmos Gallery
"To the Water" is the title of the new solo exhibition by Maria Filopoulou, which is inaugurated at Kapopoulos Fine Arts Gallery in Patmos on 11 August 2017. The exhibition presents characteristic works from the extraordinarily creative universe of Maria Filopoulou, which has been established since the mid-1990s with seascapes and more specifically with human forms diving in them. Coexistence of body and sea, diving, which often refers to the process of redemption.  * A percentage of the proceeds of sales of Maria Filopoulou Exhibition benefits “ Les amis de l’ hospital de ...

Alekos Fassianos - Antonio Segui

15 - 26 July 


Giannis Koutrikas

11 - 27 May

Giannis Koutrikas exhibits in Greece after 12 years with an exhibition that is inaugurated at the Kapopoulos Fine Arts Gallery in Thessaloniki on May 11th. The artworks in the exhibition present to the public the artist's new painting view. Oil on canvas in various dimensions 

Alekos Fasianos

22 April ― 6 May 2017

Kapopoulos Fine Arts is pleased to present the exhibition TECHNICAE, by Alekos Fassianos, at Athens Gallery - Golden Hall.

Giorgos Stathopoulos

18 February ― 4 March 2017

Thessaloniki Gallery
Kapopoulos Fine Arts Gallery in Thessaloniki presents a solo show by Giorgos Stathopoulos. An artists who is rightly considered among the most important contemporary Greek artists. This is a series of works where the renowned artist consciously concentrates on the optimistic side of things and with the consistency that distinguishes him, he does not change his style and subject matter.

Christophoros Balabanidis

12 ― 23 August 2015

Patmos Gallery
We share the pleasure to invite you to an exhibition by Christophoros Balabanidis at the Art Gallery on the Island of Patmos.

Sophia Kalogeropoulou

25 July ― 9 August 2015

We are honored to present an exhibition by Sophia Kalogeropoulou at Patmos Gallery.