Sonke's Virtual Exhibition

Kapopoulos Fine Arts presents the first virtual exhibition of Sonke at Nicosia Gallery.

A Greek street artist Sonke has as a valuable asset the framework of free expression, the intrusive stories of graffiti with the hopes of encouraging public debate and the unexpected exchange of emotions on the streets of European cities and the walls of Athens, Sonke presents a valuable new segment of works in his solo exhibition in Nicosia.

These works, that have been created with acrylic gouache on wood or canvas, with the addition of collage or gold leaf, retaining the intense contours and other characteristics of the artist’s intensive style, are focused in the adventurous human relationships, be it a binary condition between people of the same or different sex, or the fragile relationship with ourselves.

Jumping out of folk tales and unseen moments of everyday life or assembled by the artist and acquiring new life through fragmented quests from the internet, the heroes and symbols of Sonke communicate with each other and silently but inevitably include the viewer in their stories.



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