Opy Sarpaki Zouni was born in Cairo in 1941. Her family roots originate in Crete and Santorini. She lived and worked since 1963 in Athens. She has died after she lost her battle with cancer on 5th December 2008.

Cairo: Painting, studio Zorian, 1959-62 • Ceramics, American College, 1960-62 • Photography, 1959-60.
Athens, School of Fine Arts: Painting, Morali's studio, 1963-68 • Ceramics, 1963-65 • Stage-designing, 1967-69

Since 1980 takes part to international exhibits of Mail Art & Poesia Visiva in Italy, Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Central America, Mexico, Australia, Brasil, Austria, Greece, Cyprus etc

Honorary member of the Greek Crystallographic Union (Athens 2001)


February 2005